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In this Digital Era, almost every human being spends their time in mobile apps. Mobile Apps are an important source of Customer Satisfaction feedback for businesses. Geofencing has become a powerful tool to boost the return on investment for any business.

Let’s first know what Geofencing exactly is >>>>>

Geofencing in Survey apps

What is Geofencing?

A Geofence is a digital boundary or fence which surrounds a particular geographic location. The boundary is described through the usage of generation which includes GPS or RFID (radio frequency identification).

It is a real-time location-based marketing tactic that uses geolocation data to target users within a geographic area and delivers content based on their current location or locations they have previously visited.

How Does Geofencing Works?

The basic purpose of Geofencing is to detect the users present within the fence. It works in order to attract customers in a specific and limited area. Like, when they are at least 100 meters or say 50 meters away from the place, they may receive mobile notifications about that particular place.

Here are the three easy steps to install geofencing campaigns for your business:

1. Set up your live location using Geofence.

2. Deliver notifications while customers enter, depart or stay in particular locations.

3. Use area analytics reviews to enhance the performance and effectiveness of the feedbacks generated from the survey.

So hope you are now clear about what Geofence exactly is. Thus, moving further to the main topic, “How does Geofencing make an impact on Best online and offline survey and why it is important?”

Impacts of Geofencing on Surveys

1. Real-Time Feedback — With Geofence it becomes easier to gather relevant feedback (through Net Promoter Score Survey, CSAT, or CES Survey) as close to the time of the experience or we can say at the time when it is fresh and clear in the mind of the consumer. This helps in getting better data accuracy and more insightful feedback.

2. Behaviour Monitoring — With Geofencing a marketer can easily monitor the behavior of the customers. The notifications and popups that a customer receives from the time when he enters the targeted area to the time of his leaving, it provides reviews and ideas about the customer and help in knowing his behavior or interest.

3. Retarget Customers — With the insights generated, marketers get an idea about the customer’s interests, thus the next step calls to retarget the customers who have visited the targeted location and engaged with your campaigns to deliver a special offer or promote your loyalty program. Based on this, next time you can plan for incentives or rewards for your potential customers for completing the survey or engagement.

4. Competitive Analysis — By setting geofences around the locations of a company’s competitors, marketers can obtain the data to evaluate, what factors motivated customers to visit that area over another. Using Geofence, you can also evaluate what segment of your customers frequently visits your competitors’ businesses.

About CViewSurvey

CViewSurvey is an omnichannel enterprise Feedback application to evaluate customer experience and employee experience anytime, anywhere.

Companies need to use their strongest asset when it comes to the successful engagement of their employees, and they are the managers. Managers play the most significant role when it comes to promoting employee experience and engagement as they are the reason for team motivation, creating the level of accountability, and determining the method of communication in their team.

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· Instant notification/pop-up.

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